Pocatello, Idaho
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“Love this place”
 Reviewed December 9, 2010
Very friendly place with great food and huge portions. Our family meets to eat here at least once every other week. The atmosphere is pretty plain, but the food and the friendly people make up for everything.

“One of our favorites”

 Reviewed September 16, 2010
First we have been going here for years. The staff is always great to our family and my favorite is the crab and cream cheese enchiladas. I have tried many things on the menu but once I found these, I have never ordered anything else. They sub almost anything for anything else. They make great drinks from the bar, you can watch the football game or visit with family and friends. They also accept most coupons you get. So we have a savings book for many places in town 2 for 1 deals and this place is on it. So when we go my husbund and I always get one of our meals for free or a free cheese crisp appetizer (which you should try). Darn good deal! We love this place.
/user_details?userid=n9Wj5CGk6K_kUmR8Q1a4TQ Kent P.
3/3/2009 First to Review
The enchiladas are really good. Everyone in town was talking about them, I understand why. It is sort of a blend of sour cream, cream cheese and crab.

Decent bar area, decent salsa and chips.
Review from Linda F.
PDX girl
Portland, OR

Mama Inez was a wonderful find in Pocatello. Last Wed I drove through Pocatello trying to find the perfect place for the perfect margarita. Mama Inez's had a full parking lot at 5pm on a Wed (unlike the empty two other places I'd just rejected). The outside was inviting and there were folks of all ages entering the place. My goal was the ultimate margarita so I bellied up to the bar and chatted with the woman pouring there. She was delightful and made me an absolutely wonderful margarita, exactly as I asked for (shaken not stirred!). I also had the vegetable enchilada which exceeded my expectations. Prices were great as well.

 jill posted on 07/09/2010
Rating & Review:
love everything about mama's. especially the cheese crisps - they are a must!
 Malad Mark posted on 07/04/2010
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Love the food... try their shrimp and crab enchilada with cream cheese. Also their Chili Verde burrito is great.
l User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

by Ronny
Excellent food and service would highly recommend it. The Nochos are great and the salsa is ti die for.
l User Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

by Well-Fed
Always good! Friendly people and I love the Derek's Carnitias : )

l User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Drew

Mama Inez is delicious food. They also have a dining area with TVs to watch sports. The food costs a lot but you get a lot of food. I love their Chicken Changa. It's delicious.
l User Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
by Dancer

This is the place to be on Wednesday night! Margaritas and Nacho's are on special. Get there early to make sure you get a seat!
On other nights, the Crab & Shrimp Monterey can't be beat, both for taste and price. Love this place!